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[Reprinted from The Open Door to Heaven By A.K. Mozumdar, ©1947 and 2006 by The Universal Message]

1. What is the New Messianic World Message?
It is the message of the New Age, which definitely establishes the existence of God.

2. Why has the Message come at this time?
It has come in response to the demand of this scientific age to restore the faith of men in God offering a unifying Principle for all religions.

3. Who is God or what is God?
God is our Power to think or conceive God or deny God. In other words, it is the Power with which we conceive God or deny God. By the same token we may say, our Power to argue, reason, speculate, philosophize, think, move, act, is God.

4. What is the positive identification of God?
It is the Power that animates our mind and body.

5. How do you immediately contact God?
The moment we turn our mind to this Animating Power back of our mind and body in a vital Spiritual significance we contact God.

6. How do you know this Animating Power to conceive God is God?
If it were not God, God would be less than our Power to conceive Him. No conception (even of God) can be greater than the Power to conceive.

7. Is this Power limited to your personal self?
No; it could not be, because we find the same quality and kind of Power in others. It is Universal in extension but centralized in each individual in Its functions.

8. On what are all religions based?
They are mostly based on the conception of God.

9. Are these conceptions right or wrong?
They are right to the extent of the believer's faith.

10. Why cannot all different religions meet on a common platform?
Because of their various conceptions. Each thinks and believes his conception is better than another mans' conception.

11. Is it wrong for a believer to believe that his conception of God and religion is better than another man's conception of God and religion?
No. The very fact a person follows certain tenets of faith shows that he considers his religious concept is better than another man's religious concept of different faith.

12. Can all religions and sects meet on a common intellectual ground?
It is not humanly possible. The moment each person opens his mouth to propound his creed, he unwittingly challenges another man of different faith. But a person should and can cultivate religious tolerance.

13. What makes you think this New Messianic World Message offers a common platform for all religions?
It is because it does not challenge anyone's conception of God and religion. It simply states that your Power to conceive God, religions, creeds and sects, is common to all men. And this Power without qualifications and conceptions, is God. Furthermore, it states even to disagree with this idea, a person needs this Power to disagree. Therefore, the followers of this New Messianic Message can meet all people on a universal common platform on the Self-evident Truth. They do not need to rationalize their ideas to appear broadminded because they stand on the undeniable Truth which in Itself is broader than anything else. Neither do they compromise or surrender their Principle just to be agreeable with all.

14. What do you mean by the word Truth?
We do not mean any conception of Truth, but we mean the Power to conceive Truth is Truth. When a person claims that he has found the Truth, unless he means the Power to conceive Truth, he will be expressing only his conception.

15. Do you accept Truth passively?
We do not because It is an Ever Active Working Principle.

16. If the Animating power back of your mind and body is God, are you a God?
No, I am not God. The Power that makes me conscious of being a man is God. This Power out of Itself, according to Its own inherent Plan and Pattern has brought me out into this field of manifestation as a human being.

17. What is the difference between the human manifestation of God and other manifestations of lives below the human plane?
The human manifestation of God was endowed with free will to choose in the Creative Plan, but other creatures were endowed with inherent instincts.

18. How far can you depend upon religious speculations?
As long as they are in agreement with the Self-existing Fundamental Principle we can depend upon them.

19. What kind of speculations are in agreement with the Self-existing Principle?
Any kind of speculation or conception that expresses the positive facts of life is in agreement with the Fundamental Principle.

20. What are the positive facts of life?
They are health, happiness, joy, love, harmony, peace, immortality, higher aspiration, beauty, etc.

21. Why are they positive facts of life?
Because only from them can we form their negative conceptions. For instance, from health can we form the idea of its absence or else how could we ever try to cure disease to attain health? Therefore, health must be a definite and positive fact of life. In its absence we strive to attain it.

1. Why do you not argue to prove the existence of God?
It is because our very Power to argue is God, and it is a self-evident fact.

2. Can anything created by you be greater than you?

3. Can an idea or thought conceived by you be greater than you?

4. Why not?
The creator or conceiver is always greater than his creation or conception.

5. Do you create a God?
No, we simply create an idea of Him.

6. Can that idea be greater than you?
No, because we can conceive or create another idea equally as good or even better than the present one. That is how the evolution of conceptions of God has taken place all throughout the ages.

7. Can you have an absolute faith in the conception of God that you conceive? or can you obtain any result from such a conception?
Yes, we can through our blind faith. If perchance the blind faith is destroyed it is difficult to revive it.

8. What is blind faith?
Our faith in something that we do not understand.

9. Why does blind faith work up to a certain point?
Because the Superconscious Power works through one's believing mind. In fact, it always works through one's believing mind, no matter what may be one's belief.

10. What is illumined faith?
Faith that is based on understanding and knowledge of the Basic Principle.

11. How do you regain this faith in case you lose it?
First we think that we can never exist without our Power to believe or disbelieve. Then we hear the Voice of this Power saying to us, "You cannot lose faith in Me. I am your very Self."

12. Would you give such attributes to your God as Infinite Love, Wisdom, and Truth before you are acquainted with Him?
No, we would not. Although some people find great satisfaction in doing so. It makes their attributes indefinite and unattainable. Through great concentration and faith they may have a certain realization according to their concept, but it never becomes lasting and functionally operative. Their very abstract concepts of God render impossible a personal communion.

13. How can you become acquainted with your God in a personal significance which will enable you to commune with Him?
By meditation on the Undeniable Positive Principle.

14. What is that Positive Principle?
It is our power to conceive God—the Animating Power back of our mind and body. Although some people personifying God through a symbol may have a personal communion, it never becomes vital and close to their lives. A conception of God is always fleeting. It requires a great effort to capture its significance.

15. What is the purpose of meditation?
To contact and communicate with God.

16. What advantage do we gain from such meditation?
It not only establishes our firm faith in God but also enables us to ask Him to do all positive things for us. What we fail to accomplish through our human mind and personal effort God can do for us through our believing mind.

17. What can God do for you?
God who is my Superconscious Animating Power can do all positive things that I ask Him to do. For instance, if I ask Him to establish peace and harmony in the consciousness of one who is against me, He will do it for me. Everything depends upon my absolute faith in Him.

18. In our meditation why do we imagine the Power back of our mind and body as being the Lighted Presence?
Because it is true to Its very Nature. In the first place everything is reducible to one thing. When we keep reducing an object by breaking up its component parts, it becomes greater and greater radiant energy. The last Final Energy must be the most Brilliantly Lighted Presence. Then again the Creator of all lights must be the Greatest Light.

19. How do you commune with God after you have established contact by recognizing Him as being the Power back of your mind and body?
We personify the most Brilliantly Lighted Presence in our mind and body. Then we let this Presence speak to us in an intimate personal significance. We hear Him say to us, "I have brought you here out of Myself. I am protecting you. I have made provision for your every need. I am always with you; be not afraid."

20. What are the most important precepts in this Message?
The first is the vital contact and communion with the Undeniable Self-existing Principle. And the second is the daring energetic actions under the guidance and inspiration of that Principle. We may overlook all speculations, theories and discourse presented in this book but we cannot afford to ignore these two facts which vitally affects our Destiny. They are as important as our breath.

21. How do you know the Voice of God is directing you?
We know it by the peaceful drift of our mind to our desired goal or objective.

22. What do you do when your mind becomes rebellious or refuses to meditate through inertia induced by disruptive negative thoughts?
We prepare our mind by saying to it, "My mind, you cannot indulge in any kind of thought without the Animating Power back of you. The more you contact and commune with It the greater becomes your ability to enjoy and express. Now become ready and let the most Brilliantly Lighted Presence pervade you." Then we imagine our mind is agreeing with that idea. We can also hear the Voice of God calling to our mind to be awakened and be active. Depending upon our state of consciousness we enjoy either of these methods.

23. Why do you personify your mind?
We personify our mind in order to make it active and responsive. Since we are persons, anything that we personify becomes alive to us. Of course we admit, in the last analysis it is all the play of human mind to achieve certain results. Our mental action is intensified a hundredfold when we treat our mind like a person and speak to it.

24. How do you fire your mind to action?
By imagining, visioning, and believing that the Ever-active Lighted Presence is moving our mind to action to fulfill a predestined mission.

25. Is there any boundary line between your mind and body?
There is none. All of our physical sensations and actions are as mental as our thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Our mind and body are so intimately bound up that some people believe that one is the extension of the other. However, we find the subconscious side of our mind, nearer to our body-consciousness. Since we cannot see our mind, by personifying its visible side (body), we can obtain the same results. When we make our personified mind and body agree not to accept a negative condition, they obey.

26. Can you not obtain the best results by invoking the aid of the Superconscious Power?
Yes, we can. But on account of the occasional subconscious resistance it becomes necessary for us to prepare our mind and body to be receptive. With our ever-increasing realization and faith we begin to rely absolutely upon the Superconscious actions.

27. What makes a religion a missionary movement?
A message with a popular appeal.

28. Is our New Messianic World Message a missionary movement?
It is. It gives a positive identification of God, telling us who is God, and how to contact and commune with Him quickly, emphasizing all the revelations of the Message of Christ. As the Message of Buddha tells us to be kind to all creatures and to do good to our fellowmen, as the Message of Christ tells us God is within man and that He is a living, speaking, watching, loving, and helping God, as the Message of Mahammed tells us that Allah is the only God and second to none, and He is the Determiner of human fate and He is merciful, so our New Messianic World Message tells us that our Power to conceive God is God, and that anyone turning to this Animating Power back of his mind and body can contact and commune with Him. This God is personified in every man and can fulfill all his positive desires and aspirations.

29. Is a religious movement which copies and echoes a message of former revelations, a missionary movement?
No, because it lacks originality.

30. Can a movement based merely on one's personal claim as a savior and message bearer, be a world's message?
No. It has no original precepts and power of appeal to the masses.

1. How do you know that your Superconscious Power has two aspects, the human and the Divine?
In our practical experiences we notice human as well as Divine actions. Apart from our known human knowledge and experiences, we receive higher inspirations, directions, timely warnings, councils and new ideas. These actions indicate that there must be something Higher in the composition of our being other than our human senses and apprehensions. In the practical application of Truth we do not discriminate between the human and the Divine aspects. We center our mind on the Superconscious Power as One and Indivisible Entity.

2. How should you develop some desired positive qualities such as faith, courage, confidence, memory, power of speech, etc.?
We can vision that the Superconscious Lighted Presence in us is planting those qualities and that they are growing. In the practical operation we hear the Voice of the Superconscious saying to us, for instance, "I am planting and growing faith in your mind, or courage in your mind, or memory and power of speech in your mind." Then vision that it is growing like a plant. We adopt this method because it is easier and quicker for us to realize an abstract quality in a concrete form. We can also imagine that the Superconscious Lighted Presence with attributes such as faith, courage, confidence, memory and power of speech is functioning in us, controlling our mind and body.

3. How do you draw Spiritual Nourishment for your mind and body which are rooted in your Superconscious Power?
We mentally draw nourishment from the Superconscious Power as a tree draws nourishment from the earth. Slow and long breathing may suggest the idea of drawing to some.

4. How do you absorb the Attributed Substance from the Superconscious Power such as health, happiness, joy and vitality?
We vividly imagine that we are absorbing the Attributed Substance from the Lighted Presence in and about us, as a sponge absorbs water.

5. Why does our subconscious influence our conscious mind?
Our conscious mind is accustomed to act according to our inherited race-beliefs as well as our acquired habits. Therefore, it is more or less open to the subconscious influence. According to our New Messianic Message the subconscious is the impressionable side of our mind.

6. How do you close the door of your conscious mind to the subconscious and open it to the Superconscious?
We hear the Voice of the Superconscious Power saying to us all the hopeful and cheerful positive words. It also clarifies our mind.

7. How do you solve problems of family relations?
We ask our Indwelling Superconscious Power to make necessary adjustments inducing peace in all those who are concerned.

8. Why do we draw certain persons, things and conditions in spite of ourselves, as though a combination of circumstances has forced us to do it?
Through our subconscious affinities we draw them.

9. If these affinities become the cause of our unpleasant experience what should you do?
We should ask the Superconscious Father to create positive affinities for pleasant experiences and vision that He is doing so. By following the race pattern of selfish thinking we create affinities for wrong people, things and conditions. If we believe and vision that our Superconscious Father is bringing us all preordained good things, we never fail to receive them.

10. How do you avoid so-called accidents?
Apart from exercising wisdom, we realize that the Superconscious Father is guiding and protecting us. Furthermore, when we live move and have our being in the Lighted Presence of God no harm can ever befall us.

11. How do you overcome the fear of losing something or somebody?
By the realization that that which Providence has given us according to His Preordained Plan no one can take away from us. Neither do we become overanxious to hold onto that which is not ours, nor do we try to acquire anything through negative questionable means.

12. How should we attract the right people, things and conditions?
First we should realize that Providence has prepared and ordained them for us. Second we should vision them in the Illumined Presence of God. Third we should call them to come and vision that they are coming. We can also vision that our Superconscious Father is bringing them to us. Or we can mentally pull them to us in conjunction with the Superconscious Father.

13. Why should your mental pull be necessary to draw a thing to you?
To give our restless mind something to do. Otherwise our simple faith in the Superconscious Power is sufficient. In order to quiet our anxious mind we vision, claim and enjoy our desired objects as our own in the Illumined Presence of God. We do not have any particular known persons and things in our mind.

14. Can you not attract people, things and conditions through your mental power?
Yes, we can, but they will be our own kind of people, things and conditions. In other words, they will exist on the same vibratory plane. Furthermore, we are never sure whether or not they are right people, things and conditions.

15. Is it wrong to desire good things of life that Providence has ordained for us?
No. Every positive desire is a Divine desire which Providence has planted in us. Not only that, He has also made provisions for its fulfillment.

16. How do you know your desire is a positive desire?
A desire in which I find harmony and peace without infringing upon the rights and liberties of another person is a positive desire.

17. How should you receive God's gifts?
With a thankful spirit and we should pray to our Heavenly Father not to let us be selfish and greedy.

18. What is the best means to control our mind?
By visioning that the Superconscious Power back of our mind is controlling it and leading it to a desirable field of adventure.

19. What is the most binding covenant?
Anything upon which we mutually agree to further our Spiritual and humanitarian cause.

20. What is the best form of healing?
Healing through the Superconscious Power. In other words, asking the Superconscious Power to do the healing and visioning that He is doing it. It eliminates our personal worry and anxiety about results and at the same time it keeps our mind free from the contact of disease. In such healing, a practitioner does not take on the conditions of his patients. Jesus the Christ used this method.

21. How should you make your mind and body receptive to be well and strong?
Let your personified mind and body agree with the Superconscious Power back of them, that they are getting well and strong.

22. What is the most disruptive temptation for Truth Students?
It is malicious gossip about others. Even to believe in such gossip is to plunge into the hideous mental darkness. Nothing disrupts one's belief and trust in God as to take pleasure in malicious gossip and encouraging it. Such temptation can be avoided by seeing all children of God in the Redeeming Light.

23. Can you prosper by adopting false methods?
No. Whatever small measure of success that one may attain is taken away from him. When we give a call to our own in the Illumined Presence of God, our own comes to us.

1. Do you believe in the control of your mind and body by another outside entity?
No; because it deprives me of my individual expressions of life. Then again if I want God to occupy my heart, mind and body, the control of another entity denies me that privilege. Two things cannot occupy the same place and position at the same time.

2. Do you know how to develop a spiritual personality?
Yes I do. By letting God's Light shine through me, that is, through every part of my mind and body, I develop this personality.

3. What is the practical value of the development of such a personality?
It automatically dispels some dark negative oppositions by its radiation.

4. What metaphysical means or methods do you employ to be what you want to be in the field of achievements?
I picture myself what I want to be, and think and act accordingly. This graphic picture and action not only raises my mental level but also enables me to see things from a corresponding perspective. Even our physical body responds to our mental picture of ourselves if we can act the part.

5. What do you do to make that picture a reality?
I ask my Superconscious Power to make that picture a part of me.

6. What makes you think that your mental picture will become a reality?
What we are today is due to our conscious and subconscious pictures of ourselves. Every thought, idea and emotion leaves its picture imprinted in our consciousness. The aggregate of these pictures makes us what we are today.

7. How do you know your desired picture of yourself is good?
If my desired picture of myself is positive and does not create any conflict in my mind, it must be in accordance with the Divine Plan. This realization makes my work easier because then I know that Providence back of me is pushing me forward to fulfill my Divine Destiny.

8. Do you feel safe and secure in the face of opposition and obstacles while you are marching toward your predestined goal?
I do not concern myself about any oppositions and obstacles. I let my Superconscious Father take care of them. When my human mentality feels the impact of the world's negative conspiracies, I surrender my mind to my Superconscious Spirit.

9. Can you always stand by this precept?
I try to do so. As a human being I may have momentary relapses, but all shadows pass away the moment I hear the Voice of the Superconscious saying all the comforting and cheerful words to me. When I feel the Self-existing Fundamental Principle back of me, I know that nothing matters.

10. To what extent do you feel responsibility for others?
I do not try to shoulder responsibility for anyone. But I am interested in those whom my Superconscious Father sends me. I pray for them as Jesus did, for their protection and safety. I fully realize my prayer can only affect those who are in tune with me.

11. Do you not call all the faithful to prayers?
I call them all wherever they may be, from the angels of the spheres down to the earth travailing souls. Those who are mine according to the Providential Plan not only receive my prayers but also pray for me.

12. Do you believe in prolonging the human life on this planet?
I believe it as long as man serves some useful purpose.

13. What is the secret of prolonging this life?
The cell rejuvenation. This can be effected by the Superconscious Power. Our body-cell gradually ceases to reproduce itself when it reaches its inherited age limit. By visioning that the Superconscious Lighted Presence which has created a cell is renewing its reproductivity, we can prolong its life expectancy. The more graphic our vision of cell-rejuvenation, the more effective will be the result.

14. What is the practical operation of cell rejuvenation?
First we personify all the millions of cells in the Lighted Presence of the Superconscious Spirit. Then we hear them shouting with joy that they are becoming renewed by absorbing the creative substance of the Superconscious Life. We graphically vision that the new cells are bursting forth through the old cells. Sometimes imagine that the Superconscious Lighted Presence is saying to the cells, "I have created you. I am now renewing you by giving you new vigor and strength. Absorb My Creative Energy." And cells respond in unison, "We are becoming renewed, Lord." We simply vision the new cells are continually being born out of the old cells.

15. Do you adopt any kind of diet calculated to increase your cell fecundity?
Not any special diet but we believe in wholesome food eaten in moderation.

16. What is the key-note of this New Messianic World Message?
God is our Power to conceive, think, believe, act, philosophize, to reason, even our Power to doubt and disbelieve. And that whatever we believe our God can do for us, the same He does. And so with all our might and with all our strength, let us believe and proclaim this New Messianic Message. Those who undertake to teach and preach it are prophets of this New Age Today and Tomorrow.