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Throughout his lifetime of teaching, A.K. Mozumdar crossed the United States numerous times. Often he lectured and taught in halls or hotel banquet rooms but many times he was invited to hold classes in a church building.

Around the U.S. and in many other countries there are congregations that focus upon self-improvement through understanding and applying the universal Law of Mind. These churches welcomed A.K. Mozumdar because he was at that time America's greatest exponent of these techniques. Today, most of those congregations are united under the banner of Religious Science, Unity or Divine Science and links to those groups are listed below. Two umbrella organizations, the International New Thought Alliance and the Affiliated New Thought Network, are listed first with the denominations following. Mozumdar was close to several leaders in the International New Thought Alliance and Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science, was a friend. Holmes officiated at Mozumdar's memorial service.

International New Thought Alliance (
(The Universal Message is a member of the INTA.)

Affiliated New Thought Network (

Association of Unity Churches (

Divine Science Federation International (

United Church of Religious Science (

Religious Science International (

Metaphysical Book Source: Douglas DeVorss, who founded the publishing firm known as DeVorss & Company in 1929, was a close friend of A.K. Mozumdar's. This company reprinted two of Mozumdar's books in the 1970s (now out of print). They have perhaps the largest selection of metaphysical books anywhere. DeVorss & Company (

The School of the Natural Order ( is the organization founded by one of A.K. Mozumdar's earliest students, Ralph deBit (aka "Vitvan"). Their website has some information about Mozumdar.

There is a group on Yahoo dedicated to A.K. Mozumdar. So far activity on this group has been slow; hopefully readers of this site will join the Yahoo group and initiate a community of Mozumdar students. Access the group at

Other Good Websites: The Teleos Institute draws inspiration from Vitvan, an early student of A.K. Mozumdar's.
Teleos Institute (

The Universal Message also believes that in the United States our longstanding adherance to separation of church and state is important to both the religious community and to our secular civil government. The Universal Message organization endorses the efforts of Americans United for Separation of Church and State to keep religion out of government and government out of religion.
Americans United for Separation of Church and State (