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Books by A.K. Mozumdar

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Getting Started -

Suggestions for First-Time Readers: Some tips that will help readers understand and grasp A.K. Mozumdar's concepts, terms and ideas.

What Is New Thought? This is a brief overview of the general concepts of New Thought.

Questions & Answers These questions and answers from one of Mozumdar's books present his basic ideas in an easy-to-understand format.

Our Message: This early booklet summarizes the teachings. (PDF file; 1.26 MB)

Key to the New Messianic World Message: This is another, later summary of The Universal Message taught by Mozumdar and called "The New Messianic World Message" by him. (PDF file; 69 KB)

Mozumdar's Books -

Today & Tomorrow: This book, first published in 1945, was - and still is - one of Mozumdar's most popular and is perhaps the easiest to understand. It's a good place to start.

The Triumphant Spirit: Since it was first released in 1931, The Triumphant Spirit was always in demand by Mozumdar's students. It is his largest book and presents Truth in enjoyable, easily-grasped language.

The Open Door to Heaven This was Mozumdar's last published book and it remains an excellent overview of his teachings.

The Conquering Man You will profit greatly by reading this title.

The Mystery of the Kingdom: This book was first published in 1919 and it remained a good seller.

The Commanding Life: This book is probably Mozumdar's most practical instruction manual because it contains detailed drills and affirmations to heal and correct physical and personal problems.

The Life and the Way: The Life and the Way was the title of Mozumdar's first full-length book. The file contained here is a reproduction of the first edition published in 1911. Several years later a second edition was released then various chapters of the second edition were later edited and printed in pamphlet form.

More A.K. Mozumdar book titles will be added from time to time. Please check back!

Lessons On Master Wisdom: Throughout his career, A.K. Mozumdar issued several correspondence courses. This is a scan of one of his earliest courses, Lessons On Master Wisdom, dating from 1920.

Lessons On Master Wisdom: Second Series This correspondence course was prepared in 1927. None of these Mozumdar course materials have ever before been published.

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