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Who are we?

This website and the organization behind it (incorporated as The Universal Message) have as their single purpose the sharing of the life and teachings of A.K. Mozumdar.

Follow the link at the left ("Who Was A.K. Mozumdar") to read accounts of Mozumdar's life and view rare photographs from his many years of teaching in the U.S.A. Then go to the next link at the left ("Mozumdar's Books Online") to sample the deep teachings proclaimed by Mozumdar. The biographical material can be grasped easily and quickly; the writings will be challenging, rewarding and uplifting for a lifetime. Since this site is quite new, there are limited offerings of Mozumdar's writings, but if interest is strong, more will be scanned and placed here.

The Universal Message traces its official history back to 1967 when it was originally organized and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the state of Washington (U.S.A.). Since its inception, The Universal Message, Inc., has been dedicated to keeping the life-changing teachings of A.K. Mozumdar alive and available because we feel they are even more relevant today than when originally given. The organization has never had any paid staff but relies entirely upon volunteer labor.

You will read on this site about Mozumdar's long life of ministry, teaching and service in America. One legacy of his work was Camp Mozumdar in the San Bernardino Mountains near Lake Arrowhead in the state of California. After Mozumdar's death in 1953, the camp was transferred to the YMCA and in the 1970s that organization sold it to the Unification Church (the followers of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, sometimes referred to as "Moonies"). The Universal Message has absolutely no connection, organizationally or philosophically, with the current owners of the camp that still carries Mozumdar's name.

If this website has been helpful to you, please tell others. (There is a colorful flyer on this site that can be reprinted and handed out to others. Click here.) Then consider dropping down to the next link at the left, "Become A Partner." We invite you to work with us so Mozumdar's Message can remain available for new generations of seekers.

David H. Howard, President of The Universal Message
David H. Howard

Since its inception, The Universal Message has been led by David H. Howard. Originally organized in Washington state, for many years the group has had most of its activities headquartered in adjoining Oregon state. Howard likes to tell about how he first became acquainted with Mozumdar's teachings by buying, for a nickel, a small blue booklet he found on the used book shelves of Rohrbaugh's Furniture Store in downtown Albany, Oregon. That was in 1958 when Howard was in junior high school. The pamphlet, entitled "Mozumdar's Message," contained a photo of its author and three of his early lessons. The message rang true and the portrait of Mozumdar in his flowing robes (reproduced elsewhere on this site) captivated the young man.

Over the years, Howard gathered together copies of almost all of Mozumdar's published writings, books and pamphlets, titles that are nearly impossible to find nowadays. After persistent effort he was able to locate and visit with several people who had been students of Mozumdar's and from them and other sources compiled the great teacher's biography which is on this website. In the 1970s, The Universal Message organization was instrumental in seeing two of Mozumdar's most popular works republished by a major publishing house (The Triumphant Spirit and Today and Tomorrow,). They have subsequently gone out of print again but are now available for reading on this website. The organization also published a magazine for several years called The Universal Message.

We invite you to spend much time with these teachings. Being dynamic and life-giving, they will be a source of personal transformation when applied.

The Universal Message is a member of the International New Thought Alliance