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Mozumdar portrait painted by Charlotte Dallas A.K. Mozumdar (1864-1953) was one of India's greatest teachers. After immigrating to America in 1903 he spent the rest of his lifetime lecturing, teaching and writing. His teachings provide a simple but dynamic way to achieve oneness with your innate divinity and his many books show students how to utilize some basic concepts to achieve mastery over life's circumstances — so that the individual is in control of his or her own destiny. This is truly "Master Metaphysics."
On this site are some of Mozumdar's published writings along with background and biographical information. They are presented with the hope that they will help a new generation of seekers.

"If you believe in your Divine Destiny, nothing else matters. Your conquering, positive desire will overcome all obstacles. Your life will be moulded according to your belief and vision. Not a hair of your head will be harmed until your life-mission has been fulfilled."

"The people, things and conditions that are positive, and that you create in your mind, are real. When you create in your mind, you are simply recognizing that which Eternally Exists in God."